Solar Energy Harvesters

The Sunrayker Solar Energy Harvester is currently under development

The Sunrayker CVPT energy system is a low level concentrator, concentrating the sunlight about 40 times (40x), using a multi-faceted parabolic like collector that reflects the sunlight onto a small receiver. The receiver assembly contains both the photovoltaic cells and a thermal absorber. The solar energy received by the thermal absorber heats a working fluid to temperatures in the region of 450°C (842°F). The high temperatures do not affect the operating efficiency of the photovoltaic cells. A passive heat sink maintains the photovoltaic cells at a cool temperature, allowing a higher power output.

The photovoltaic cells used are n-type monocrystalline silicon cells. Since a small amount of low cost monocrystalline silicon material is used, solar cells specifically designed to operate within the concentration ratio can be developed, so the newest most efficient cells can be used.

To harvest as much energy as possible the solar collector and receiver are mounted on a purpose built dual axis tracking system. Integrating both the CPV and thermal systems onto the one machine fully utilises the dual axis tracking system, increasing efficiencies and reducing the capital cost.

The Sunrayker solar energy harvester is able to collect up to five times more energy than a photovoltaic solar energy system of a similar size. 

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